Dan Antonelli sheds some light on the dark and mysterious world of small business branding.

Teaching small businesses the value of a great brand.


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Graphic D-Signs’ President & Creative Director Dan Antonelli, is a design industry celebrity. His first two books, Logo Design for Small Business and Logo Design for Small Business 2 have been widely acclaimed by his peers in the graphic design and business industries. In his latest release, Building a Big Small Business Brand, Dan provides straight talk for small business owners as he sheds light on their biggest asset: their brand.

Building a Big Small Business Brand, by Dan Antonelli

Dan’s latest book is a must-have for small business owners and entrepreneurs struggling to develop their professional identity. Your professional logo serves as a solid foundation for your small business branding: conveying expertise, delivering a brand promise, and creating an expectation for quality. In today’s cluttered marketplace, the importance of your small business branding cannot be underestimated—yet most small businesses put little time and money into developing their company’s logo and branding strategy. Drawing from his experience of working with nearly 800 small businesses on their branding, you’ll learn the keys to an effective small business branding strategy.

Building a Big Small Business Brand shares industry secrets for:
  • Selecting and working with a reputable design team.
  • Creating a logo that stands out.
  • Promoting your brand promise.
  • Building a small business brand that outshines competitors.
  • Rethinking the power of a professional brand and its impact on your bottom line.

Praise for Building a Big Small Business Brand.

Here’s a few excerpts from the book reviews on Amazon. As of 12/13, the book has received 19 5-Star reviews.

5stars“This book is a must read for any small or medium-sized business owner who is trying to figure out if “brand” matters.  Dan’s latest book goes deep into the nuts and bolts of the “how and why” of small business branding. Whether or not you decide to work with Dan’s company, or even decide whether or not to invest in rebranding your company… you’d be a fool not to read the book. Besides, the book itself is entertaining with its case studies and gorgeous display or all their work with many different clients over the years.” – Don Kennedy

5stars“Never before have I seen such a comprehensive and important resource for small businesses and designers alike!” – Carmelina D’Amelio

5stars“For small businesses, it serves as a great resource to learn why their brand is so important to their success, and how to leverage a a great brand to help ‘crush your competitors’ as Dan puts it!” – David A. Smith

5stars“The fact that he focuses on the small business owner audience demonstrates his desire to educate the customer so that they can understand the concepts and the value of what he preaches. A public service if you will, for those who read his book insuring that they are better prepared to engage the services of a professional to create their brand. His book also makes it very clear that effective branding requires talent and time without shortcuts.” – Tom Gray

5starsThis is a must read for any business owner who wants to stand out in the marketplace. It is great to see a solid branding concept come to life in this book. – Doug Shenehem

5stars“Yet another amazing book from a mind that understands small business! From cover to cover, Building a BIG Small Business Brand is packed with valuable information to help everyone from designers to business owners understand the value, importance, and impact your brand has on your business.” – Chad Franklin

5starsEntrepreneurs and business owners alike may not think your image may be one of the most important parts of your business. Your image and brand is the first thing your customers see which can instill confidence and help you demand a premium price for your product or service and can take your business to a whole new level. This book by Dan Antonelli will help you understand the importance of your image and the image professional you choose to do your design work. – Johnny Edwards

This full-color book is available for purchase through our website, or Amazon.

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Logo Design for Small Business 2, by Dan Antonelli

logobook2Logo Design for Small Business 2 features over 175 actual small business logo samples and detailed explanations. Like the first, Dan’s second book focuses on logos for small businesses, providing tips and theory on logo design, development, color usage and layout. It also offers detail about the distinguishing characteristics of small business logo design, and how it differs from corporate logo design.

Over 5,000 copies of the first book have sold to date! This full-color book is available for purchase through our web site for $25, plus $4.05 Priority Mail shipping & handling. You may also call us directly to order via credit card.

In Logo Design for Small Business 2, veteran graphic designer Dan Antonelli takes a closer look at the gratifying work of creating powerful, creative logo designs for small businesses. Dan shares his approachk and delivers a look at the thinking behind over 175 hard-working logos created by himself and other outstanding designers, including Mike Erikson, Jeff Fisher and Rich Dombey. Here are some of the issues you’ll explore: Why designing a logo primarily for print usage may hurt your clients. Why corporate logos may rely on safe typography and a simple graphic, yet many small businesses are better served by a colorful design with trendy typography and bold graphics. How your logo design can make a small business look bigger—or even like a franchise. How to educate your small business clients about the power of their logo.

Logo Design for Small Business, by Dan Antonelli

logobook1Dan Antonelli’s first book on logo design, Logo Design For Small Business, features over 100 of his designs created at Graphic D-Signs, Inc. The book focuses on logos for small business, with tips and theory on logo design, development, color usage and layout. There are also tips about for artists about logo sales. Over 5,000 copies have been sold to date.

This full-color, 72-page book is available for purchase through our web site for $25, plus $4.05 Priority Mail shipping & handling. You may also call us directly to order via credit card.

Here are some of the issues you’ll explore: Dissecting logo designs and breaking them down into easy-to-understand models. The importance of distance legibility in small business logo design. Making the logo the foundation for a simple, small business marketing campaign. You may also buy unsigned copies of the books at SignCraft Publishing for $25 (1-800-204-0204) or at Amazon.com.