With over 200 published articles on small business branding & marketing, it’s safe to say Dan’s a bit obsessed.

But in your case, his passion for growing small businesses is probably a good thing.


Dan Antonelli has also been cited as a branding expert by a number of publications & major media outlets. Check out some of his marketing industry insights in the media below.

Having authored three books on small business logo design, including his latest–Building a Big Small Business Brand–Graphic D-Signs president Dan Antonelli is an active influencer in industry outlets likeSignCraft Magazine & Signs of the Times Magazine.

A frequent contributor to the small business marketing community, Dan has been cited as a branding expert by prestigious publications like Fox Business,  Inc. Magazine, Intuit Small Business Blog, Entrepreneur and The Star Ledger, to name a few.

The agency’s work has been featured in outlets like Step Inside Design, Sign Business, A Magazine About Letterheads, LowesForPros.com, Lawn and Landscape Magazine, and other design and trade publications.

Article / Book Title (PDF Download)
Publish Date
Building a Better Brand Sign Builder Illustrated Oct 2014
Old School Graphics Resonate with Home Buyers Builder Oct 2014
Forget Marathons: Business Is the Ultimate Endurance Sport Entrepreneur Sept 2014
Five Secrets to a Stand-Out Brand HomeCare Magazine Sept 2014
5 Signs You Need to Rebrand Your Small Business Business 2 Community Sept 2014
Why Your Truck Wrap Design Stinks Pumper Aug 2014
Is Your Logo a No-Go? Retailer Now Magazine Aug 2014
6 Fundamentals Every Modern Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed Entrepreneur Aug 2014
Small Businesses Succeed When Product Matches Branding (Pg. 22) Electroindustry Aug 2014
Vehicle Branding: How to create a Rockin’ Truck Wrap Contracting Canada Aug 2014
Bank On Your Brand: How to Use or Abuse Your Greatest Asset Retail Touchpoints Jul 2014
The 2014 Business Card Test New Jersey Business Jul 2014
Why Your Truck Wrap Design Stinks Onsite Installer Jul 2014
Establish a Big Brand for Your Small Business Home Care Magazine Jul 2014
Logo Literacy UAC Magazine Jul 2014
Why Your Truck Wrap Design Stinks Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor Jul 2014
Establish a Big Brand for Your Small Business HomeCare.com Jul 2014
Logo Literacy: How a Great Logo Informs Branding and Drives Business NAWIC Image Jun 2014
Looking for an Edge with your Startup? Call in the Sharks Entrepreneur Jun 2014
Brand Development and Small Business Success Happi.com May 2014
An Insider’s Guide to Choosing Your Marketing Team Distribution Center Magazine May 2014
Why Your Truck Wrap Design Stinks Cleaner.com May 2014
Branding 101 Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine May 2014
How Your Company Logo Informs Business Branding Craft Brewing Business May 2014
What It Takes To Create A Great Logo ProfitGuide.com May 2014
Creating a Premium Brand Fender Bender May 2014
5 Secrets to a Stand-out Brand Construction Business Owner May 2014
COVER STORY – “Eyes on Me” Signs of the Times Magazine May 2014
Small Businesses, Big Brands (pg. 5) HVACR Business Magazine Apr 2014
Building Your Brand: Go Big or Go Home ACHR News Apr 2014
Truck of the Month – Prestige Plumbing Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine Apr 2014
Common Entrepreneur Branding Mistakes MedCIty News Apr 2014
Ten Common Branding Mistakes to Avoid The Mail and Globe Apr 2014
Down with Nephew Art GC World Biz Apr 2014
Top 5 Tips on Getting the Most from Your HVACR Truck Wrap Contracting Business Mar 2014
Establishing a Big Brand for Your Small Business
 Bulldog Reporter Mar 2014
5 Signs You Need To Refresh Your Brand Small Business Opportunities Mar 2014
Why restaurants need a strong brand image Restaurant Hospitality Mar 2014
10 Marketing Must-Knows for Every Small Business Owner Beauty Packaging Mar 2014
Common Entrepreneur Branding Mistakes Med City News Mar 2014
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On Building a Big Small Business Brand Intuit Small Business Blog Feb 2014
These HVAC Truck Wraps Will Blow Your Doors Off Contracting Business Feb 2014
Top 10 Branding Mistakes by Smaller Contracting Businesses Contracting Business Feb 2014
Branding: There’s a reason it won’t go away Producers Web Feb 2014
Why an identifiable brand is a small business’s biggest asset FullStart by We Work Feb 2014
Wrap Design, Software, and “The Death of Cool” My Print Resource Feb 2014
Don’t Let Your Ego Hold You Back From Success Entrepreneur Magazine Feb 2014
Leverage Your Brand and Build Profit The CEO Magazine Feb 2014
Why An Identifiable Brand is a Small Business’s Biggest Asset Coatings World Feb 2014
Small Agency? Build a Big Brand Travel Market Report Jan 2014
Small Business Brand Building 101: Part I Ted Magazine Jan 2014
5 New Books That Will Inspire You in 2014 Shutter Stock Jan 2014
A New Approach to Landscape Company Logos Green Industry Pros Jan 2014
Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle Green Industry Pros Jan 2014
Why Most Landscape Company Branding Falls Flat Green Industry Pros Jan 2014
Small Business Branding Tips; Tell A Story, Add Profits; More Blog Talk Radio Jan 2014
10 Marketing Must-Knows for Every Small Business Owner Small Business Digest Jan 2014
Help your clients build a brand for their business SignCraft Magazine Jan 2014
Article / Book Title (PDF Download)
Publish Date
About small business branding Page Plane December 2013
10 Marketing Must-Knows for Every Small Business Owner My Lifestyle Magazine December 2013
Dan Antonelli, Building A Business Advertising Agency StartUpGap.com December 2013
What’s killing your client’s brand? SignCraft Magazine December 2013
Put the power of simplicity to work SignCraft Magazine July 2013
Newark’s website to get makeover during a hackathon NJ.com June 2013
Top 5 Rules for Effective Vehicle Wrap Design HVACR Business June 2013
The mystery of the second side-solved! SignCraft Magazine April 2013
Make great wraps look even better SignCraft Magazine March 2013
The Art and Science of Corporate Icons INC.com January 2013
Designing vehicle wraps that integrate a brand SignCraft Magazine January 2013
Article / Book Title (PDF Download)
Publish Date
Q&A: Dan Antonelli on the evolution of his business SignCraft Magazine November 2012
Award winning fleet design HVACR Business October 2012
Effective advertising messages for signs and truck wraps SignCraft Magazine July 2012
6 signs you need to rebuild your brand HVACR Business April 2012
5 rules for more effective vehicle wraps SignCraft Magazine March 2012
Is Your Business Struggling? RainToday.com January 2012
Retro vehicle graphics sell SignCraft Magazine January 2012
Article / Book Title (PDF Download)
Publish Date
Creating a faux brick wall SignCraft Magazine December 2011
Proper shading enhances typography and improves legibility SignCraft Magazine July 2011
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: That’s 995 too many for a vehicle SignCraft Magazine March 2011
Building a company of giants SignCraft Magazine January 2011
Article / Book Title (PDF Download)
Publish Date
Is the Customer Always Right? SignCraft Magazine January 2010
Winning tactics for to closing the sale SignCraft Magazine April 2010
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Design logos for both horizontal and vertical use SignCraft Magazine October 2010
Article / Book Title (PDF Download)
Publish Date
Creating logos with a retro look SignCraft Magazine December 2009
Step-by-step: Creating 2.0 effects in Photoshop SignCraft Magazine September 2009
Simple wraps deliver a more powerful message SignCraft Magazine July 2009
Rethinking fleet graphics: Variety helps reinforce the message SignCraft Magazine January 2009